You thought you wouldn’t really need our services because “he is never going to win” right?

As the campaign circus reached new heights and November 11th grew closer Donald Trump’s promises to “Make American Great Again” seem to working with . Building walls, banning muslims, allegations of sexual assault, and constant tweeting should not be the recipe for success. However the reality star turned politician overcame all expectations and became the 45th President of The United States.

Nobody really thought or seriously considered the possibility that Trump could actually win the Presidency. From the average Joe American to famous Hollywood stars, many vowed to move to Canada if Trump was ever elected to power. was born to help them!  We are a full stop service for our American friends to  move to our great country Canada. We will find you a house, guide you through the immigration process, answer any legal questions you may have about buying property.

The unthinkable Happened! Now there is only one thing to do.